Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing is a compulsory subject for all branches of engineering as it is the graphical language of engineers. In "Computer Aided Engineering Drawing", the author draws upon his vast experience of teaching and presents a student friendly step-by-step demonstrative approach, similar to that of classroom teaching. This book has been recommended as Text/Reference book by the following universities: VTU Karnataka; Mechanical Diploma course Karnataka; JNTU Hyderabad; JNTU Kakinada; UP Technological University Lucknow; Nagpur Technological University Nagpur; and, Gujarat Technological University Gujarat. This title includes the use of updated BIS conventions. It incorporates standard assumptions in case of incomplete data by framing special problems. It introduces various software for computer-aided engineering drawing. It includes solved problems using different methods. It includes a concise summary at the end of each chapter for quick revision. This title includes solutions to difficult problems using 3-D diagrams. Examination problems of VTU and other universities have been included in the exercise section for practice.

Book Details

Book Title: Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

Book Author: S. Trymbaka Murthy

Book Category: -

ISBN: 9380578601